Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Hen Party Survival Kit Tips!!

Here at Bijoux HQ, we have decided to put together the Tools & Tips for you to put together a nice Hen Party Survival Kit for your Hens!

1) A miniature bottle of Bubbly (or a large bottle)
          Every girl needs a few glasses of bubbly on the day of the hen party while your getting ready.  Most Brides-to-be will be stressed with the upcoming nuptials and the arrangements so a little tipple is perfect to get the mood a little more relaxed

2) Hair Grips
          Its amazing what these wonderful things can be used for - if any of you are like me they are scattered across my house hidden in all corners.

3) Plasters
          No doubt someone is going to fall over and graze their knee - so a plaster defiantly is going to come in handy.

3) Paracetamol
          For the morning after - with the bride-to-be and her hens with a banging head, you will defiantly need a couple of these in the morning.  Paracetamol does wonders for a hangover in the morning.

4) Lip Balm
         For the bride-to-be to keep kissable lips throughout the evening and the next day. 

5) A Bottle of Water
         To try and avoid that dreaded hangover - get the bride-to-be to drink it before she goes to bed.  Alcohol makes the body dehydrated so it requires water

So whether you want to organise a night on the town or something alternative like a dance hen party the above items will help any bride-to-be on their hen night. 

If you need any other advice on activities or hen party survival tips - then please contact us and we will be more happy to help.

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Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Hen Parties are booming in the UK Capital!!

The UK Capital City of London is famous for many things.. The Queen Lives there for one, although I don't think you would see her with the other 100 ladies celebrating the last night of freedom with a hen night in London.

London is is large, vibrant, intense and full of life at all hours of the day. It is packed full of activities for you to do on your hen weekend. London never sleeps so why should you on your hen weekend!

Check your bank balances ladies London is full of shops to tempt your shopaholic tenancies  head down to Oxford Street to check out top-shop, H&M and Zara.  If you are looking for something a little more sophisticated and guaranteed to cost the earth visit Bond Street or for those looking for clothes that are one off's but do not cost the earth visit Camden Market or Brick Lane.
London is full of bars with a bar type to suit everyone's taste, from the chain names such as Slug and Lettuce to up market cocktail bars and nightclubs. Whisky Mist is where royalty and celebs hang out, fingers crossed you might even get to see Prince Harry. The West End is where the majority of tourists hit on a night out, you can barely walk 2 metres without falling into a bar.

So Why don't you and your girls hit Leicester Square for a dance hen party and a meal, few drinks in a cocktail bar to kick off the weekend of your hen night. 

Dance Hen Parties were very popular in London this year and I predict them to boom in 2016, so whether you wanted have a laugh at an 80's party, go back in time and be a flapper girl with a Charleston Party or bring out the sexy minx we all have inside with a Burlesque Dance Class.  We have a dance hen party to suit all personalities. 

Not only do Bijoux HQ provide amazingly fun dance classes but we can organise for your hair and make up to be done to suit your favourite vintage style and why not add a photographer in the mix and pose and pout for a shoot

As mentioned earlier, London was soo popular this year and dates are getting booked up fast for next year.  So do not delay in getting your party booked. Please contact us or give me a call and we can discuss which party would be perfect for your bride to be!

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Friday, 11 December 2015

Who Doesn't Love a Good 'Ole Discount!!

So I am feeling very generous while playing Christmas songs here at Bijoux HQ and as we are in the Christmas Spirit, I am able to offer 10% off all DANCE HEN PARTIES booked for next year.

So not only can the hen go free you can receive the discount.

So if you have a wedding coming up and want to plan a fun filled hen party for your best friend, sister, mum auntie whoever then please have a look at our variety of dance hen parties.

In fact if you would like a dance hen party for a birthday party like the Brighton babes below who had an 80's theme for a 21st Birthday Party.

We have a large range of cities already where we host our parties, however this is expanding in 2016 so if you would like your party in an alternative city, please let me know as this could be a city we are expanding in.

The generous discount is only available until 31st December, however we are closing for Christmas on the 18th of December so all enquries and questions have to  be sent by 9am on this date.
Although deposits can be taken by BACS between the 18th and the 31st.

So if you are looking to become a sexy minx with a Burlesque Class or go back in time to an 80's party.  Or maybe you have a thing for Patrick Swayze and want to learn the famous Dirty Dancing dancing, here at Bijoux we can make sure you have the "time of your life"

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Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Sunny Seaside Town of Brighton!

So here at Bijoux HQ we are very busy booking up dance hen parties for next year and what I have noticed is that Brighton is a busy city for hen parties next year. 

I am not surprised it a busy for you lovely ladies this year being a beautiful seaside town with loads of things to do from iconic tourist attractions to beachfront cool, Brighton is a treasure trove of things to do and places to go. Vibrant, colourful, fun and free, Brighton offers the energy of the city and freedom of the sea. It really is unique.

From the stunning heritage of the Royal PavilionRegency architecture and Victorian aquariums to the seaside fun of Brighton Pier, the Brighton Wheel and the famous pebble beach, Brighton offers something for every walk of life.

Explore the exciting range of things to do in Brighton

Bursting with beachfront sports and events, tranquil green spaces, plus Brighton tourist attractions and activities for all the family, there's so much in store just waiting to be explored.
You'll also find a world of beautiful Sussex countryside, castles, country houses, parks, forts and gardens just moments from the city! Info taken -
So if you were looking for something unusual and fun to do along side the above amazing Brighton attractions Bijoux have a range of brilliant and fun dance hen parties and vintage activities with something for everyone to enjoy. 
So if you want to join in and book something in Brighton for the new year, if you get in quick before the end of December you will receive 10% off your dance hen party so contact us today!
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Wednesday, 2 December 2015

21st Birthday Party!!

So Here at Bijoux HQ we are busy with the finishing touches for a 21st Birthday Party in Brighton.

This lucky young lady has chosen a dance party for her birthday and gone 80's style

So the neon head bands are out and I'm looking forward to seeing them in their leg warmers and tutus. 

Here at Bijoux, we do not only cater for hen parties, but also birthday parties and co-operate events. 

So if a dance class of any style is what you are looking for then please contact us today and we get it arranged for you.

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Friday, 13 November 2015

Our Amazing Feedback from the last few months

Here at Bijoux HQ we want to make sure that every single second of your hen party goes smoothly and you have the time of your life so we really appreciate the feedback we get good or bad so we can make this happen for you.

So please see below our latest feedback:

Amy - Manchester: Burlesque Hen Party
"Our teacher was incredibly fantastic, friendly and encouraging! We all loved the video of us as well!, It was great fun and a wonderful way to start my hen party!"

Charlee - London - Burlesque Hen Party
"The teacher was brilliant. She worked with us well (even some of us that were nervous/struggled to do it). She was really enthusiastic and made us feel great by the end. Would highly recommend it to anyone. "

Betty - Bristol - Charleston Hen Party & Time for Tea
"Our dance teacher was so lovely! She made us all feel relaxed, welcome and made the whole event so much fun. The tea party was also hosted really well. We loved the tea party. Loads of delicious food - too much to finish! Scrum my cakes and sandwiches! "

Angela - Manchester - Charleston Hen Party
"Our Teacher was really nice. Great at explaining the moves and encouraged us all. Thanks to everyone at bijoux for their help with organising the class, it went down really well with the hens"

Sophia - Manchester - Burlesque Hen Party
"The teacher was amazing and so active considering she was pregnant but she super warm and friendly and a real laugh. Thank you for a lovely occasion and such professional service. "

I love getting some good feedback and even more so that all these lovely ladies enjoyed there Parties so much.

If you would like to book your dance hen party or any of our Vintage services then please get in touch today.

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Bijoux Top Tips to Throwing an Amazing Hen Party!!!

So Here at Bijoux HQ, I have put together some amazing top tips to throwing an amazing hen party with the help of Cosmopolitan. 
1. Choose a creative party theme
Skip the penis straws and strippers (unless that’s what she specifically wants) and go for a theme she’s never heard of before and will LOVE. We rate glamping, an old school slumber party, dance hen party or vintage makeover Photo shoot. (Sneak in some sparkling and you’re good to go!)
2. Don’t leave things to the last minute
It may seem super obvious but things can really start to suck (fast) if you don’t have some serious party plans set in concrete early. A month to six weeks before the big day is best. This way you won’t interfere with her pre-wedding diet/gym routine or catch her during any intense pre-wedding jitters. Especially don't leave booking the activities to the last minute, you don't want to be disappointed when things that the bride wants to do it fully booked. 
3. Be sensitive to people’s budgets
Weddings are ex-pen-sive so make sure you get the go ahead from everyone before you pick super pricey activities (lucky for you, all of Bijoux activities are very reasonable priced). They’re probably paying for a lot of wedding-related gear already (especially if they’re a bridesmaid) and you don’t want to wear all the cost yourself after people who can’t afford it drop out.
4. Don’t make the bride pay for anything
Split the costs across everyone, or just the bridesmaids, but whatever you work out, she should not be footing the bill. If you book one of our dance hen parties the bride will go free with a party of 12 or more, so no need to worry the other hens about splitting the cost for the bride. 
5. Get the guest list from her
Check in with the bride-to-be about her must have guest list. Some may be keen to include family (particularly the groom’s) and others may prefer just the girls. Either way, checking with her is sure to save your some major awkwardness.  Why don't you have a Vintage Photo shoot including the mother of the bride during the day and then have a raunchy Burlesque Dance Hen Party in the evening when the "oldens" have gone home.  That way everyone is included.
6. Surprise her
Even if she’s keen to be included on every last detail, save at least one little thing as a surprise. It will be way more fun that way!
7. Wear special outfits
You’ve all seen those fun (or cringe-worthy) tattoos and sashes. Even if that’s not usually your style, this is the night to go for it! And here at Bijoux, we love when our hens dress up for the occasion depending on the theme of their party.  There’ll probably be some free drinks in it if you do – barmen love a hen party! 
8. Have a photo booth
Setting up a photo booth is a great way to get tons of great pics of the bride with all her friends. We can set up a photoshoot with a professional photographer and send you a box dressing up clothes and props :) Perfectly fun and entertaining afternoon.
9. Make a momento
It’s always a good idea to have all of the guests to contribute something for the bride to keep. Get the girls to bring a photo of themselves with the bride-to-be to stick in a memory book with a little caption about how much they love her.
10. Sign up to learn a new skill
Sounds boring, doesn’t have to be. Pole dancing, Swinging the roaring 20's with Charleston Dancing, cocktail making, life drawing, Patrick-Swayze-in-Dirty-Dancing, as long as you’re with an awesome group of girls and there are bubbles on hand – this stuff is fun as hell.  And these dancing skills learned from our dance hen parties can be a great wedding surprise to the groom and the rest of the guests. 
11. Take some pressure off
Assign each person of the hen party to organise something different if you are having a range of activities, or if you really have a busy life then use Bijoux Hen Parties for a couple of the activites and we can also organise meal reservations, night club entry etc
So whether you would like a dance hen party, or something a bit different, please contact Bijoux Hen Parties as we would love to help you arrange the best night of the brides life :)

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Wednesday, 11 November 2015

EEEEK Its Nearly Christmas!!!!

Which only means it is nearly Christmas.... I love this time of year! All the fabulous Christmas lights and the Merry feel around the air.

Therefore I am feeling rather generous over here at Bijoux HQ and offering any Dance Hen Parties booked for the rest of November or December you will receive 10% off your booking.

So get a group of your girl friends and book a Dance Hen Party for the beginning of the last blow our before New Years!!

Now you have the problem of choosing a theme for your Dance Hen Party:

Feeling Sexy -  Go for Burlesque

Feeling Classy - Go for Charleston

Feeling Silly - Go for 80's or 90's

We have a Dance Hen Party to suit every personality.

So do not delay as the last few spaces for the end of the year are getting booked up fast.

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Friday, 6 November 2015


It is November, Halloween and Bonfire Night have gone and now its the run up to Christmas.  EEEK Only 49 days to get there.
So I am sure you are all looking at things do to do with your colleagues for a Christmas Party... Why don't you have a Dance Hen Party.

Here at Bijoux HQ we do not just accommodate Hen Parties, but we can provide a Dance Hen Party for corporate events, Birthday parties, etc.

So now you have to choose which Dance Hen Party you would like, we have a large range of different themes from Dirty Dancing to Swing to Sexy Sailor or even have a Beyonce themed Single Ladies. 

Which ever dance hen party you choose, I can guarantee lots of laughs and fun to be had.

We are also running a special offer for all dance hen parties booked for the rest of the year.  Book your party for either November or December and receive 10% off your booking - just mention "moneyoff" on your enquiry.

Friday, 30 October 2015

Eeek Its Hallo'ween Tomorrow!!

Booo Booo!

So here at Bijoux Hen Parties, we are celebrating the monsters in the night at Hallo'ween.  I have sent my daughter off to Nursery in a spooky cat outfit and I am currently finalizing Halloween Hen Parties for tomorrow! 

I can't wait to see the pictures of everyone dressed up, as you all know I love when everyone dresses the part.  So from Dead Burlesque ladies to going back in time to the roaring 1920's for a Charleston Dance Class, we have it all tomorrow. 

But the most exciting yet is a Thriller Dance Class.  Where our ladies will learn the iconic hit from Michael Jackson Thriller

So if you haven't thought about what you want to do for your hen party then look no further, get a dance class booked.  And you don't even need to be attending a hen party to book one of our dance class we also accommodate corporate events and other parties.  So why not book a Thriller party for next Halloween for you and all your friends.

Also don't forget, we have another 24 hours left on our competition to win a free dance hen party.  All you need to do is Like our Facebook page to be entered in the prize draw! 

Friday, 23 October 2015


As you may be aware from our previous blogs, Bijoux Hen Parties are running a competition for win a FREE dance hen party for a group of up to 15 ladies in your chosen destination.

Whether you would like to release your sexy minx with a Burlesque dance class or relive the 80s with a dance class, you could get it for FREE.

So all you have to do is go to our Facebook page and click "like" to be entered into the free prize draw.
Why don't you share this with all your friends and family too then you will be in a better chance of winning if your friends like it too :)

So Get Ready Get Set & Go Liking our page here!!

Friday, 9 October 2015

Have a Hen Party in Our New City Southampton!!!!

Yes you read right, Bijoux Hen Parties have just started hosting our wondering Hen Parties in the Sunny Southern City of Southampton.

The home of the famous Singer Craig David and home of the Titanic, Southampton is a fantastic venue to have your hen party.  With lovely and affordable hotels and shopping up the high street or in the famous West Quay Shopping Centre, there is something for everyone.

So whether you are looking for a Classic Afternoon Tea or a more exotic Burlesque Dance Class - Southampton is the place to be.

#henpartyideas #henpartiesinSouthampton #Southamptonhendo

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Have a Hen Party in London!!

London is one of the most popular Hen Party venues we have in Bijoux Hen Parties.  With the hustle and bustle of the City and the famous bars and shopping London has something for everybody.

Whether you want to go back to the Roaring 1920's and have a Charleston Dance Class or have a modern 90's dance party.. London can accommodate it.

Enjoy a spot of Shopping in Oxford street, in my favorite store Selfridges or pop a bit further for H&M, Topshop, or the traditional Marks and Spencers there is a shop for any age and every personality.

Then head over to our most popular venue area of Leicester Square and pop in Grace, Bar Rumba or Zoo Bar for your Dance Hen Party.

So why don't you have a look at our very wide range of Dance Hen Party ideas and contact us hear at Bijoux HQ to get us to organise everything for you so you can sit back and relax.

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Friday, 2 October 2015

Katie Piper had a ball at her hen party!!

So you may have seen in the papers or if you follow Katie Piper on Instagram you will have seen she recently had her her party at London's Apollo to see Alan Carr latest show and didn't she look gorgeous and have a massive giggle with all her friends.

Sporting a gorgeous wedding gown, garter and veil she is spotted taking snaps with her friends.

The mum of one got engaged to the lovely James Sutton just before Christmas last year, but having to push their wedding back due to Katie's health, but this hasn't stopped her having a ball at her hen do.

It seems as if the couple don’t need to tie the knot to know that their relationship is for keeps, however.
In her book, Beautiful Ever After, Katie opened up about the couple's relationship, and revealed how she knew James was the one because he helped care for her while she was recovering from an operation at the very start of their romance.

"All this at the stage when you're supposed to be wearing matching underwear… But honestly, he did not care," she wrote. "So after it all healed, I was like, 'Wow, this guy is definitely not shallow.'
"I knew right then I could let myself fall in love with him because he would never hurt me intentionally."

So if you are looking for something different to do on your hen party, why don't you contact Bijoux Hen Parties to see what we can do for you! Or Visit our Website to have a look at our packages.

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Scrap the Hen Party and have a Divorce Party or Both!!!

So after reading an article in the Daily Mirror today that the UK have adopted a ceremony for Divorces I thought why not Bijoux should jump on this idea.

These Divorce Parties are getting more and more popular, stemming from the traditional burning your wedding photographs to a 3 day bender :)

It isn't just a celebration but marking the end of an era and getting closure of that part of your life and starting a fresh.

So why not you and your girly friends decide to have a Burlesque Dance Hen Party to reveal the sexiness back into your life and to restart the next chapter of your life.

Dig out those fishnet stockings from the bottom of the draw and go buy your self a sexy new corset and remind your self your a sexy minx and shimmy your way into town for one our fantastic teachers teach you the saucy moves of Burlesque.

So I am going to run a special offer to honour divorce parties: If you are a returning customer and want to book a party then you will receive 10% off your final booking cost.

To book your party in or for more information, please contact 01509 357751

Friday, 25 September 2015

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai!!

So Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai is a popular Indian drama showed on Chanel Star Plus.  And this week they showcased the hen party for the wedding of Singhanias and the Maheshwaris.  

In India Weddings are a time to enjoy and dress up to heart content and must of all have fun, and didn't these ladies do so in true Bollywood Style. 

So if you want to follow in Rashmi's party and go for a Bollywood theme hen party, then look no further than Bijoux Hen Parties.  

Bijoux Hen Parties will do all your organising from sourcing a suitable venue to booking a superb dance teacher to show you all the "Limp step" and "The Bollywood Roll", not only will you get a 90 minute Dance Class but the Bride to Be will be given a free gift and we will provide all hens with Bindis.

So Why delay and get booking with Bijoux Hen Parties today.  Drop us an email on or give us a call on 01509 357751 we would love to hear from you and get your hen party organisation underway.

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Vintage dropped by in Manchester for a Photoshoot

So last week, these lovely ladies from Manchester had a Photoshoot with our dressing up box and also we made them look all vintage with our Powder & Pincurls package.

And here is a little preview of their shoot ::

Friday, 4 September 2015

Have a Healthier Hen Party!!

Wanna ditch the Strippers and Booze and have a healthier hen party.  Then look no further than Bijoux Hen Parties .  With the health and beauty industries booming over the last few years it is very clear people are looking to look after themselves a lot more.  But who said being healthy had to be boring!

Here at Bijoux HQ we offer a very vast range of 'healthy' hen parties.

So why not a Dance Class... from the fast paced Charleston to Hula Hooping, you are bound to burn the calories and please don't worry if you have never done any dancing before, our classes are suitable for all abilities so everyone can join in (even your 90 year old granny)

Doesn't mean you can't have a super sexy time on your hen party...

Have a Burlesque Dance Hen party to find that inner minx

If dancing isn't for you then here at Bijoux Hen Parties we can offer other non booze options.. How about Vintage Hair & Make up followed by a Cherry Photoshoot

And still if this isn't your cuppa tea then get your mums, grans, best friends, cousins and all other of your wedding party ladies together for a vintage tea party (we have cocktail options too... for those wanting a little bit of a naughty treat) 

If you would like to discuss a Bijoux Hen Party plan with us here at Bijoux HQ then please  call 01509 357751 or feel free to drop me an email at

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Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Its a new and exciting in Bournemouth!!

Here at Bijoux Hen Parties we have started hosting our hen parties in the popular town of Bournemouth.

So if your looking for something different in this wonderful seaside city then all you need to do is contact Bijoux Hen Parties.

We have a range of different activities from Dance Classes to Vintage Hair & Make over Parties  to Vintage Afternoon Tea.

Here at Bijoux, we will organise everything from venue hire in Bournemouth to teachers and cocktails... Who doesn't love Cocktails!

So whether you chose a Charleston dance hen party or a Photoshoot Hen Party Bournemouth has a lot to offer after/before your party.

Whether you would like to Eat out - Click Here for a list of the top restaurants in Bournemouth or Go Clubbing.. Bournemouth is the best Buzzing town of the Summer.

#bournemouthhenparties #vintagehenparties #dancehenparties #vintagehairandmakeup #henpartyideas

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Cute & Stylish Charleston Ladies!!

So this week at Bijoux HQ we had some lovely feedback from one of the parties from the Saturday before.  Not only did the Brides Sister left some feedback but the bride to be send me a lovely email this week. 

Dot - the bride didn't know what she was doing until the night before her party and her Sister rang her to tell her to get her best 1920's outfit out :)

The lovely ladies had a brilliant time at the Charleston Dance Class following with a Vintage Tea Party with Cocktails & Cupcakes

They all look so good :) and happy.

"I had such an amazing time at the Charleston Hen Party. I had no idea what my sister had planned for me until the night before, when she called and told me to get a 1920s themed outfit ready for the next day... the moment she said it I was so excited, and when we arrived at the dance class I was absolutely thrilled. The class was so much fun and everyone was having such a laugh from the very start. There were a few people in the party who had never met each other before and it was the perfect way to break the ice. Our teacher was brilliant, the dance moves were really fun to learn (especially the lifts!) and we've got some hilarious photos and videos of our final 'performance' which were great to watch back. Thank you for such a super experience, I'll definitely be recommending you!"

I am so happy that you all had a brilliant time. 

#Charlestonhenparty #vintageafternoontea #henpartideas

Tuesday, 11 August 2015


Here at Bijoux Hen Parties HQ we are running a competition from now until 31st October 2015.

So would you like to win a FREE Dance Hen Party for a group of up to 15 ladies.

All you have do it is "like" our facebook page 

A winner will be selected from the new likes that we receive on our facebook page between today and the 31st of October.

So make sure you get liking and share with all your friends and get them to like too :)

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Friday, 7 August 2015

R.I.P Cilla Black

This week we had the terrible news that Cilla Black sadly passed away in Spain.  If you were anything like me this is such a tragedy for the UK to lose such a genuine lovely lady.

I spent many nights sat with my family watching  her on Surprise Surprise and Blind Date. She was a big part of the 90's TV for me.

So why don't you have a cheesy 90's Dance Hen Party in memory of the beloved Cilla Black.

Whether you want to enjoy your party in Cilla's hometown Liverpool or go for something a little bit different in London, then Bijoux Hen Parties can  help you.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

A Girl Loves a Vintage Makeover!

Well I don't know about you, but I certainly love someone else doing my Hair & Make  up for a night out so I can relax with a glass in bubbly in hand knowing I am  going to look great.

Seems like the country have had similar thoughts as me as we have had a lot of vintage makeover parties over the last few weeks.

Here is some of the pictures:

The above Lovely London Ladies had their Powder & Pincurls done in their own hotel room, they all look fantastic and have such a relaxing time.

 As you all know, I love it when the gorgeous hens dress up for the occasion.  Those Pincurls and Bright red lipstick look sassy and go perfect with their dresses.

Hope everyone had a fun night out after looking perfect.

Whether  you want to roll back the years for vintage style or looking for something more modern, get in touch with Bijoux Hen Parties who can organise a perfect make over from as little as £35pp.

#henpartyideas #vintagehairandmakeup #Londonhenparties

Friday, 31 July 2015

Top Tips For the Perfect Hen Night!!

All too often we head into the city on a Friday night and come across hen parties that seem to have become chaotic; mothers of the brides dancing with offensive inflatables to their daughter's disgust, hens who haven't made it out of the hotel and of course the ubiquitous L-plates. Combatting these pitfalls as well as keeping an entire friendship group happy with the party's budget, location and theme can make organising a hen party almost as much work as organising the wedding itself!

  1. The all-important invite list - as if the wedding list wasn't enough of a pain! Consider who you're inviting and remember the wild night out that your best mate has in mind, may not be suitable for your mum and auntie. You can always split the weekend up into sections, a spa day or a cocktail making masterclass followed by a meal for all of your party, followed by a night out on the tiles for your more energetic attendees
  2. It's never too early to fix a date - remember people's diaries fill up quickly and it's best to make sure you let people know well in advance to ensure you get a really good turnout
  3. The dreaded m-word - the cost of a hen do really can be a deal breaker for some people, especially if they are strapped for cash! So before you plan that Las Vegas weekend getaway, set a realistic budget. No one likes talking money or being lumbered with collecting the cash, so make sure whoever is in charge makes it clear how much is needed and when for
  4. Home or away - location, location, location! Again, budget will be a big decider on this but sometimes there are some great weekend deals to be had, in the UK and abroad. Do your research and then sound out options. Also remind everyone to check their passports are up- to-date if you're jetting off overseas!
  5. The big idea - everyone loves a theme and hen parties are no exception. That doesn't mean you have to settle for 'vicars and tarts'! Far from it, Sex and the City, or the 80s are just some of the themes that are quick to pull together (think shoulder pads and backcombing!!)
  6. The personal touch - personalisation makes all the difference and can make a hen do feel that little bit more special. A favourite is the personalised jute bag from ClaireaBella, also a fave with a whole host of celebs from Michelle Keegan to Kelly Brook. Not only will you be bang on trend but it will be a great keepsake. Get yours now from
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