Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Hen Party Survival Kit Tips!!

Here at Bijoux HQ, we have decided to put together the Tools & Tips for you to put together a nice Hen Party Survival Kit for your Hens!

1) A miniature bottle of Bubbly (or a large bottle)
          Every girl needs a few glasses of bubbly on the day of the hen party while your getting ready.  Most Brides-to-be will be stressed with the upcoming nuptials and the arrangements so a little tipple is perfect to get the mood a little more relaxed

2) Hair Grips
          Its amazing what these wonderful things can be used for - if any of you are like me they are scattered across my house hidden in all corners.

3) Plasters
          No doubt someone is going to fall over and graze their knee - so a plaster defiantly is going to come in handy.

3) Paracetamol
          For the morning after - with the bride-to-be and her hens with a banging head, you will defiantly need a couple of these in the morning.  Paracetamol does wonders for a hangover in the morning.

4) Lip Balm
         For the bride-to-be to keep kissable lips throughout the evening and the next day. 

5) A Bottle of Water
         To try and avoid that dreaded hangover - get the bride-to-be to drink it before she goes to bed.  Alcohol makes the body dehydrated so it requires water

So whether you want to organise a night on the town or something alternative like a dance hen party the above items will help any bride-to-be on their hen night. 

If you need any other advice on activities or hen party survival tips - then please contact us and we will be more happy to help.

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