Friday, 4 September 2015

Have a Healthier Hen Party!!

Wanna ditch the Strippers and Booze and have a healthier hen party.  Then look no further than Bijoux Hen Parties .  With the health and beauty industries booming over the last few years it is very clear people are looking to look after themselves a lot more.  But who said being healthy had to be boring!

Here at Bijoux HQ we offer a very vast range of 'healthy' hen parties.

So why not a Dance Class... from the fast paced Charleston to Hula Hooping, you are bound to burn the calories and please don't worry if you have never done any dancing before, our classes are suitable for all abilities so everyone can join in (even your 90 year old granny)

Doesn't mean you can't have a super sexy time on your hen party...

Have a Burlesque Dance Hen party to find that inner minx

If dancing isn't for you then here at Bijoux Hen Parties we can offer other non booze options.. How about Vintage Hair & Make up followed by a Cherry Photoshoot

And still if this isn't your cuppa tea then get your mums, grans, best friends, cousins and all other of your wedding party ladies together for a vintage tea party (we have cocktail options too... for those wanting a little bit of a naughty treat) 

If you would like to discuss a Bijoux Hen Party plan with us here at Bijoux HQ then please  call 01509 357751 or feel free to drop me an email at

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