Friday, 31 July 2015

Top Tips For the Perfect Hen Night!!

All too often we head into the city on a Friday night and come across hen parties that seem to have become chaotic; mothers of the brides dancing with offensive inflatables to their daughter's disgust, hens who haven't made it out of the hotel and of course the ubiquitous L-plates. Combatting these pitfalls as well as keeping an entire friendship group happy with the party's budget, location and theme can make organising a hen party almost as much work as organising the wedding itself!

  1. The all-important invite list - as if the wedding list wasn't enough of a pain! Consider who you're inviting and remember the wild night out that your best mate has in mind, may not be suitable for your mum and auntie. You can always split the weekend up into sections, a spa day or a cocktail making masterclass followed by a meal for all of your party, followed by a night out on the tiles for your more energetic attendees
  2. It's never too early to fix a date - remember people's diaries fill up quickly and it's best to make sure you let people know well in advance to ensure you get a really good turnout
  3. The dreaded m-word - the cost of a hen do really can be a deal breaker for some people, especially if they are strapped for cash! So before you plan that Las Vegas weekend getaway, set a realistic budget. No one likes talking money or being lumbered with collecting the cash, so make sure whoever is in charge makes it clear how much is needed and when for
  4. Home or away - location, location, location! Again, budget will be a big decider on this but sometimes there are some great weekend deals to be had, in the UK and abroad. Do your research and then sound out options. Also remind everyone to check their passports are up- to-date if you're jetting off overseas!
  5. The big idea - everyone loves a theme and hen parties are no exception. That doesn't mean you have to settle for 'vicars and tarts'! Far from it, Sex and the City, or the 80s are just some of the themes that are quick to pull together (think shoulder pads and backcombing!!)
  6. The personal touch - personalisation makes all the difference and can make a hen do feel that little bit more special. A favourite is the personalised jute bag from ClaireaBella, also a fave with a whole host of celebs from Michelle Keegan to Kelly Brook. Not only will you be bang on trend but it will be a great keepsake. Get yours now from
So as we can see from the above article from Female First is that Hen Parties can be a big pain in the arse to organise.  So Why don't you sit back and let Bijoux Hen Parties organise the party for you.  We have a selection of parties suitable for everyone from a Burlesque Dance Class to a Vintage Tea Party to a Hair & Make up Hen Party or a selection of a few of these.

And when it comes to Money.. Bijoux Hen Parties offer affordable packages to suit all your needs.  

So sit back and pick up the phone to Kaylie on 01509 357751 or email to get your hen party booked with us Today !!

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Manchester Ladies Shimmer Their Way to 1920's

We had another eventful weekend this week at Bijoux HQ with lots of parties going on across the UK.

One of them being Angela and her lovely ladies in Manchester and they shimmied their way to the 1920's for a fun Charleston Dance Hen Party.

I love it when everyone dresses up to the theme too, they look fab in all their flapper dresses and feather headbands.

Not only do they look fantastic they had great fun and left us some amazing feedback below:

Please rate your teacher?
  • 5 - Excellent - She was really nice. Great at explaining the moves and encouraged us all.
  • Please rate your party
    • 5 - Excellent - Thanks to everyone at bijoux for their help with organising the class, it went down really well with the hens
    • Would you recommend Bijoux Hen Parties?
      • Yes

    • So to me that was a successful day :) 

  • If you are interested in booking your very own Charleston Dance Party in your local City, then please call 01509 357751 or drop me a quick Email.

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Saturday, 25 July 2015

These Beautiful Londoners Went Back In Time

We had a lovely group of girls in London today have one of our Vintage Hair & Makeup hen parties and don't they look Wonderful.

The Beautiful Bride

The Bride and Some of Her Hens

Our Vintage Hair & Make Up packages start at the affordable price of £35.00pp. 

So if you fancy sitting back relaxing and someone else doing the work to make you look as beautiful as these lovely ladies then give us a call on 01509 357751 or drop me an Email to book.

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Tuesday, 21 July 2015

17 Things that Happen at a Hen Party

Hen parties are generally known as the classy, feminine counterpart of the stag do.
People who think that statement is true have clearly never been to a hen party.
The reality can be anything from an evening of simple dressing up, dares and daiquiris to witnessing someone’s seemingly demure 65-year-old aunt turn into a borderline sex pest.
Here are the 17 things that happen on every hen night.

Prosecco will be opened far too early in the day

17 things that happen at every hen party

But it’s a sophisticated drink!
So we can totally start drinking it at 11am.

The bride will be forced to disclose more about her sex life than she’d like to
Which is especially awkward if the two mothers are in attendance.

There will be an activity

Be it a cocktail making session or a dance class, hens are very keen on learning new skills – so long as they can drink in the process.

The getting ready process will almost be as long as the party

Only the wedding itself will have a longer getting-ready process than the hen do.

Attempts at classiness will be made

17 things that happen at every hen party

They will be abandoned no later than 9pm.

Pink tat

Tutus, fairy wings, feather boas – all the classy attire.

Willies everywhere

Willies. Willies as far as the eye can see.

There may be strippers

17 things that happen at every hen party

They’ll probably be disappointing.

Someone will have a pack of dare cards

Which means someone else will spend a chunk of the night trying to persuade men in a bar to give her their underpants.


17 things that happen at every hen party

You know they’re a bad idea, but that doesn’t stop you.

At least one drunk guy will try his luck with the bride

Because nothing says ‘available’ like a sash with ‘bride’ written on it in rhinestones.

One of the hens will almost get into a fight

Probably with the guy who hit on the bride.

One hen will get lost

Once someone is separated from the herd they’re doomed to wander alone for the rest of the night, trying to remember where the hotel is.

One hen will start crying

Because she’s mourning the loss of yet another carefree, single friend.

The bride will throw up

And then just keep on going – what a hero.

There will be dance routines

The hens will want to show off their knowledge of The Macarena/Gangnam Style etc, even if the song isn’t played.

The hens will turn into fierce lionesses at the drop of a hat

17 things that happen at every hen party

Where hen parties and stag dos differ is in the treatment of the bride/groom.

The object of a stag do is to humiliate the groom as much as possible, whereas hen dos are all about protecting the bride at all costs.

If anyone poses a threat to the group, in anyway, the hens will close ranks faster than you can blink.

We’re a scary bunch.

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Friday, 17 July 2015

Five Things A Bridesmaid Should Never Say

bridesmaid school

Brides can get somewhat stressed during the wedding planning process. When it all gets too much its a bridesmaid's job to offer a shoulder to cry on, a cup of tea and a few kind words. However it's all too easy to inadvertently say the wrong thing and make everything a whole lot worse. We have put together our top 5 tips with the worst things you can say to a bride. However we bet there are a whole load more. 

'It Was About Time He Proposed'

One of your best friends has become engaged and is getting married (HOW exciting!). Surely you can think of a better way to offer your congratulations than pointing out that groom was a bit slow off the mark to get down on one knee. Show the bride how excited and happy you are, both for her wedding and to be a bridesmaid. This should do nicely: 
'Congratulations, I am so happy for you both. I can't wait for the wedding day! You will make such a beautiful bride. Can we start planning now?' 

'How Much Weight Do You Want To Lose?'

Sure, the bride may want to lose a couple of pounds before the wedding. But never assume this. Lots of people are perfectly happy in their own skin and don't want or need to lose any weight. Asking them how much weight they plan to lose might spiral them into weight loss insecurities. Not cool.
Just steer clear of weight questions. Let the bride bring it up in her own way. If she feels like she needs to lose weight, provide helpful and kind comments such as:
 'Well you know you will look beautiful whether you lose weight or not. If you want we could start running together'

'I Am Not Wearing That Dress'

Refusing to wear a bridesmaid dress is just so unhelpful. Bridesmaids have one job, to help the bride through her wedding day. Lots of bridesmaid dresses are lovely, some are totally hideous. Whether you like the dress or not, it is the bride's choice.
She may give you free reign to choose the dress you want but never presume this is the case. She may have a very clear vision for the way she wants her bridesmaids to look and you should try to respect that.
If you really feel insecure or uncomfortable in the dress, talk to your bride to come up with a solution. Perhaps slightly altered sleeves or a longer version. But if it's just the style or colour that you're not keen on, try to plaster a grin on your face, get it on and rock the look. 

'What's Your Wedding Budget?'

Hey Nosey Parker! :) Its the question we are all dying to know! Resist the urge because the bride will probably feel pretty uncomfortable divulging her finances to you. If she doesn't mind you knowing, then she will tell you all about it as part of the wedding planning process. 

 'What's The Plan For The Wedding Day Again?'

When the bride sends an email or calls you to tell you the plans fo her wedding day, please pay attention. Grab a pen and write down where you are meant to be, what you should be doing and at what time. Nothing is more annoying for a bride than explaining the wedding day plans over and over again. It also appears like the bridesmaids don't care, which probably isn't true (we all have busy lives!) but it can come across badly all the same. So pay attention and take note. 
We hope these five tips have you helped you steer your way through the world of bridesmaid etiquette. If you have anymore tips you would like to add, leave a comment below.

So What Should You Do As A Bridemaid???
Arrange The Brides Hen Do!!  

And Why don't you let Bijoux Hen Parties do that for you.  Whether you are looking for a Dance Class or a Vintage Afternoon Tea Party or even a Makeover & Photo shoot - Bijoux Hen Parties will arrange it for you.  All at competitive prices and very little worry from you, so you can help the beautiful bride to be arrange the more difficult parts of her big day!!

So don't delay pick up the phone today 01509 357751 to book your fantastic Hen Party

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

The Country rolled back the time to the 1920's

Wow, What a weekend we had at Bijoux this weekend.  We were rolled back in time to the time of the Great Gatsby and we had Charleston Dance Parties left right and centre.

Here is a sneak peak at how they went..........

These Birmingham beautiful ladies had a brilliant time learning "Happy Feet" & "Speak Easy" from our amazing Teacher Simona.  And WOW don't they all look fantastic.

Here is some lovely feedback from the wonderful hens in Bath:

Please rate your venue
5 - Excellent
Please rate your teacher/photographer/artist
5 - Excellent - Kirsty was fantastic, she ensured everyone was included, brought tonnes of energy, fun & enjoyment to our day. We all absolutely loved it!
Please rate your party
5 - Excellent - A really fantastic party, will be using you again for sure! Thank you!
Would you recommend Bijoux Hen Parties?
Thanks for the lovely feedback...and I will look forward to organizing your next event.

And below is the fantastic ladies from Nottingham:

Look at those beautiful smiles complimenting the snazzy flapper dresses and feather head bands.  So our teacher Lydia showed these Nottingham ladies how to strut to Paolo Nutini's Energetic Song "Pencil Skirt"

So if you are looking to have as much fun as all these beautiful ladies and roll back the time to the 1920's and have a Charleston Themed Hen Party, then please feel free to call 01509 357751 or drop me an Email.

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Saturday, 11 July 2015

15 recipes for Low Calorie Cocktails

Another interesting read in the Daily Mail today. Low calorie cocktails.  What Bride to be isn't looking to keep the calories at a minimum ready for her big day to fit into her gorgeous dress.  So I thought I would share these lovely recipes.


Pococello Granita Slushie has 75 calories
Radish Bloody Mary has 108 calories
Pococello Granita Slushie (right) has 75 calories.  Radish Bloody Mary (right)  has 108 calories
Pococello Granita Slushie, 75 calories per serving
Ingredients: Pococello; lemon juice; water
Method: Combine four parts Pococello, one part lemon juice and five parts water. Pop the mix in ice cube trays, when frozen dispense in a food processor and blitz to slushie.
White Wine-Berry Sangria, 150 calories per serving
Ingredients: Danebury White Wine; one cup lemon-lime soda; half a cup raspberry vodka; half a cup brandy; chopped strawberries and raspberries and blueberries 
Method: Combine the liquids and shake well. Top with the chopped berries
Gin Fizz, 120 calories per serving
Ingredients: 25ml gin;15ml agave;15ml fresh lemon juice; soda water
Method: Combine ingredients in rocks glass filled with ice. Garnish with fresh lemon.
Radish Bloody Mary, 108 calories per serving
Ingredients: 100ml vodka; 50ml sherry; half a tablespoon freshly grated horseradish; 25ml Worcestershire sauce; Tabasco to taste; half a teaspoon celery salt; cracked black pepper to taste; 750ml tomato juice; 500g ice cubes; 100g sliced radishes; one lime cut into wedges; four celery sticks to garnish
Method: Mix together the vodka, sherry, horseradish, Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco, celery salt, black pepper and tomato juice in a large jug. Fill another large jug with the ice, sliced radishes and lime wedges. Pour the liquid over the ice, and serve straight away in chilled glasses with celery sticks in them. 
The 91-calorie Aperol Spritz
The 91-calorie Aperol Spritz
Tropical Iced Tea-ni, 150 calories per serving
Ingredients (serves four): 2 x 330ml The Berry Company's yellow tea and coconut water; 4x 25ml Vodka; half a lemon (to squeeze); 400ml coconut milk; pineapple, sliced; cup of crushed ice
Method: Pour two cartons of yellow tea and coconut water, the coconut milk and the four single measures of vodka (100ml) into a blender and top up with crushed ice. Blend the mixture together until smooth. Pour the blended mixture into glasses and squeeze the juice from half a lemon into the centre of the cocktail. Add a slice of pineapple for garnish and serve
Gin Blush, 61 calories per serving
Ingredients: 50ml gin; 100ml diet tonic; 15ml Teisseire pink grapefruit; two slices lime.
Method: Add the fin, pink grapefruit and tonic to a glass. Mix then top with ice and garnish with lime.
Aperol Spritz, 91 calories per serving
Ingredients: Bottle of chilled Prosecco, bottle of Aperol; 25ml soda, served from a syphon or chilled bottle; ice cubes; slices of orange
Method: Fill the glasses generously with cubed ice. First pour three parts of Prosecco (75ml) over the ice. Then, pour two parts Aperol (50ml) into each glass in a circular movement. Finish with a dash of soda (25ml). Garnish with a slice of orange.
The One Whisky Smash, 88 calories per serving
Ingredients: Half a lime, cut into small wedges; 40g diced cucumber; five sprigs fresh mint, plus more for garnish; 25ml whisky; ice; 50ml cold limeade (lemonade will work if you can't get limeade)
Method: Muddle the mint in a tall glass, then pour the whisky and limeade and mix. Top with diced cucumber, and lime. 
The Chemmy Martini, 133 calories per serving 
Ingredients: 50ml The Lakes Gin; 25ml freshly squeezed grapefruit juice; 12.5ml Martini Extra Dry; teaspoon of sugar syrup
Method: Thoroughly shake all the liquid ingredients in a cocktail shaker. Serve in a chilled martini glass with grapefruit rind to decorate. 
Gimlet, 120 calories per serving
Ingredients: 25ml gin;15ml agave; 15ml fresh lime juice; soda water
Method: Combine ingredients in rocks glass filled with ice. Garnish with fresh lime.
Agave Old Fashioned, 127 calories per serving
Ingredients: 25ml bourbon; orange slice and cherry; 15ml Agave
Method: Muddle orange slice and cherry in the bottom of a rock glass. Add bourbon, Agave Re├íl and stir. Fill glass half way with ice. Stir to lift ingredients and fill with ice. (Strain into a fresh glass with fresh ice is optional). 
Altosita with 139 calories
Twisting my melon has 147 calories
Altosita (left)  with 139 calories. Twisting my melon (right) has 147 calories
Altosita, 139 calories per serving
Ingredients: 25ml tequila; 10ml lime juice; 10ml lemon juice; 20ml agave nectar; 50ml lychee juice
Method: Add all ingredients to shaker. Shake and strain over cubed ice into a rocks glass. Garnish with mint and a flower 
Twisting my melon, 147 calories per serving
Ingredients: 15ml gin; 15ml Campari; 15ml Martini Rosso; 5ml lemon juice; 50ml watermelon juice; dash of peach bitters
Method: Rim a tall glass with lava salt. Then build over cubed ice Stir.Garnish with mint and a flower. 
Mojito, 119 calories per serving
Ingredients: 25ml rum; four lime wedges; four to five sprigs of mint; 15ml agave; top with soda
Method: Muddle mint and lime in the bottom of a tall glass. Add rum and agave and stir. Fill glass half  way with ice (crushed preferred). Stir to lift ingredients and fill with ice. Top with soda water. Garnish with a lime slice and mint leaves wedge.
Lavender and Berry Shrub, 144 calories per serving 
Ingredients: 25ml Hendricks ; 12.5ml blackberry and raspberry shrub vinegar; 12.5ml lavender syrup; 30ml apple juice
Method: Build over crushed ice in a brandy glass. Swizzle until glass is frosted. Garnish with lavender 
Please enjoy these cocktails responsibly. 

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So if you are looking to have a fabulous time at your hen party but don't want to pile on the pounds doing so, have you thought about a Dance hen Party, not only will you be burning those calories you are about to consume on your meal/night out but you will have loads of fun.

So give us at Bijoux Hen  Parties a call 01509 357751 or drop us a quick email to discuss our packages that will help you burn those calories.

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Friday, 10 July 2015

Filthy Fun for these Hens

The Northumberland Gazette had this article in the paper today.

Defiantly worth a read, as is different idea for a hen party.

But if your looking for something different and less dirty pop over to our website and have a look at our hen party packages suited for all ages across the UK.

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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Its all about 1920's style

So I was watching my new obsession last night Vampire Diaries and in Season 2 they have this amazing flash back scene back to the 1920s scene to show that Stefan knew Klaus all along.  And in the present day they had a decades dance in the theme of 1920s.  And OMG didn't everyone look fantastic.

So back in time in Glorias bar everyone was taking part to the fast paced Charleston Dance which looks so much fun, makes me want to organise a dance class for myself.  In fact, I think everyone must have been watching this or the Great Gatsby as all our parties this weekend are Charleston dance hen parties.

Not only did the dance look fantastic, so did everyone else.  The Hair, The Makeup was all so glamorous.

So why don't you pop on your flapper dresses and those feather head bands and let Bijoux Hen Parties organise a  Charleston Dance for your birthday/hen party/corporate event.  Not only can we teach you the fantastic dance but we can make you look fabulous with our Powder & Pincurl Makeover Packages.

So sit back relax, give us a call 01509 357751 and let us plan your perfect 1920's event for you all for reasonable competitive prices.

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Saturday, 4 July 2015

Don't Put Baby in The Corner!!

So last night on my standard boring Friday night, I made it a better evening.  Got the popcorn out and sat down and watched my all time favourite film for the 10000000000 time - Dirty Dancing!!

So if you lovely ladies are like me and would love to learn the moves to dance with your very own Partick Swayze, then why don't you have your very own Dirty Dancing Dance Class for part of your Hen Party celebrations.

What better way to surprise your hubby to be, with a "Dirty Dance" on your wedding night.  Not only will the lucky man be gobsmacked so will all the guests with you strutting your beautiful stuff to the moves you learnt from one of our approved Dance Teachers.

So Please don't delay and give me a call on 01509 357751 or drop me an email to discuss booking your hen party with Bijoux Hen parties.

And if you don't have your wedding coming up and you want to do it for a birthday or pursuade your boss to do a corporate event, we can cater to all needs.

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Friday, 3 July 2015

93.75% of all Bijoux clients would recommend us!

What a fantastic result that is!!!  Popped along today to have a look at our customer feedback survey to see what the latest ladies thought of their hen parties over the last few months and got that fab result.  

Look at how much fun Vanessa from Birmingham had at their Charleston Dance Party

And if a picture didn't send a thousand words, here is some feedback from our clients:

Laura from London - Hula Hoop March 2015
Brilliant to be at such an iconic venue, it also has a great little restaurant next to it. Thank you - you put my mind at ease and the whole process from initial enquiry to arrangement on the day was absolutely superb!!

Rebecca from Bristol - Charleston March 2015
The manager of the club was very helpful and was able to serve us drinks from the bar whilst we were there, which was great! Kirsty was fantastic! She got us all involved and made us all feel comfortable. By the end of the lesson we were all thrilled that we had learnt a dance from scratch! From the first email I sent, you were always fantastic at getting back to me promptly and finding a venue that suited our location and timings. Thank you very much!

Nicola from Bath - Powder & Pincurls Makeover April 2015
We had three stylist and they were all fabulous. Really made us all feel a million dollars, All our party had a wonderful time and all our hair and makeup looked amazing. Really set us up for our 1940s themed night out.

So why don't you sit back and let Bijoux Hen Parties arrange your hen party while you sit back and relax and get ready for your big day.

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