Friday, 13 November 2015

Our Amazing Feedback from the last few months

Here at Bijoux HQ we want to make sure that every single second of your hen party goes smoothly and you have the time of your life so we really appreciate the feedback we get good or bad so we can make this happen for you.

So please see below our latest feedback:

Amy - Manchester: Burlesque Hen Party
"Our teacher was incredibly fantastic, friendly and encouraging! We all loved the video of us as well!, It was great fun and a wonderful way to start my hen party!"

Charlee - London - Burlesque Hen Party
"The teacher was brilliant. She worked with us well (even some of us that were nervous/struggled to do it). She was really enthusiastic and made us feel great by the end. Would highly recommend it to anyone. "

Betty - Bristol - Charleston Hen Party & Time for Tea
"Our dance teacher was so lovely! She made us all feel relaxed, welcome and made the whole event so much fun. The tea party was also hosted really well. We loved the tea party. Loads of delicious food - too much to finish! Scrum my cakes and sandwiches! "

Angela - Manchester - Charleston Hen Party
"Our Teacher was really nice. Great at explaining the moves and encouraged us all. Thanks to everyone at bijoux for their help with organising the class, it went down really well with the hens"

Sophia - Manchester - Burlesque Hen Party
"The teacher was amazing and so active considering she was pregnant but she super warm and friendly and a real laugh. Thank you for a lovely occasion and such professional service. "

I love getting some good feedback and even more so that all these lovely ladies enjoyed there Parties so much.

If you would like to book your dance hen party or any of our Vintage services then please get in touch today.

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Bijoux Top Tips to Throwing an Amazing Hen Party!!!

So Here at Bijoux HQ, I have put together some amazing top tips to throwing an amazing hen party with the help of Cosmopolitan. 
1. Choose a creative party theme
Skip the penis straws and strippers (unless that’s what she specifically wants) and go for a theme she’s never heard of before and will LOVE. We rate glamping, an old school slumber party, dance hen party or vintage makeover Photo shoot. (Sneak in some sparkling and you’re good to go!)
2. Don’t leave things to the last minute
It may seem super obvious but things can really start to suck (fast) if you don’t have some serious party plans set in concrete early. A month to six weeks before the big day is best. This way you won’t interfere with her pre-wedding diet/gym routine or catch her during any intense pre-wedding jitters. Especially don't leave booking the activities to the last minute, you don't want to be disappointed when things that the bride wants to do it fully booked. 
3. Be sensitive to people’s budgets
Weddings are ex-pen-sive so make sure you get the go ahead from everyone before you pick super pricey activities (lucky for you, all of Bijoux activities are very reasonable priced). They’re probably paying for a lot of wedding-related gear already (especially if they’re a bridesmaid) and you don’t want to wear all the cost yourself after people who can’t afford it drop out.
4. Don’t make the bride pay for anything
Split the costs across everyone, or just the bridesmaids, but whatever you work out, she should not be footing the bill. If you book one of our dance hen parties the bride will go free with a party of 12 or more, so no need to worry the other hens about splitting the cost for the bride. 
5. Get the guest list from her
Check in with the bride-to-be about her must have guest list. Some may be keen to include family (particularly the groom’s) and others may prefer just the girls. Either way, checking with her is sure to save your some major awkwardness.  Why don't you have a Vintage Photo shoot including the mother of the bride during the day and then have a raunchy Burlesque Dance Hen Party in the evening when the "oldens" have gone home.  That way everyone is included.
6. Surprise her
Even if she’s keen to be included on every last detail, save at least one little thing as a surprise. It will be way more fun that way!
7. Wear special outfits
You’ve all seen those fun (or cringe-worthy) tattoos and sashes. Even if that’s not usually your style, this is the night to go for it! And here at Bijoux, we love when our hens dress up for the occasion depending on the theme of their party.  There’ll probably be some free drinks in it if you do – barmen love a hen party! 
8. Have a photo booth
Setting up a photo booth is a great way to get tons of great pics of the bride with all her friends. We can set up a photoshoot with a professional photographer and send you a box dressing up clothes and props :) Perfectly fun and entertaining afternoon.
9. Make a momento
It’s always a good idea to have all of the guests to contribute something for the bride to keep. Get the girls to bring a photo of themselves with the bride-to-be to stick in a memory book with a little caption about how much they love her.
10. Sign up to learn a new skill
Sounds boring, doesn’t have to be. Pole dancing, Swinging the roaring 20's with Charleston Dancing, cocktail making, life drawing, Patrick-Swayze-in-Dirty-Dancing, as long as you’re with an awesome group of girls and there are bubbles on hand – this stuff is fun as hell.  And these dancing skills learned from our dance hen parties can be a great wedding surprise to the groom and the rest of the guests. 
11. Take some pressure off
Assign each person of the hen party to organise something different if you are having a range of activities, or if you really have a busy life then use Bijoux Hen Parties for a couple of the activites and we can also organise meal reservations, night club entry etc
So whether you would like a dance hen party, or something a bit different, please contact Bijoux Hen Parties as we would love to help you arrange the best night of the brides life :)

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Wednesday, 11 November 2015

EEEEK Its Nearly Christmas!!!!

Which only means it is nearly Christmas.... I love this time of year! All the fabulous Christmas lights and the Merry feel around the air.

Therefore I am feeling rather generous over here at Bijoux HQ and offering any Dance Hen Parties booked for the rest of November or December you will receive 10% off your booking.

So get a group of your girl friends and book a Dance Hen Party for the beginning of the last blow our before New Years!!

Now you have the problem of choosing a theme for your Dance Hen Party:

Feeling Sexy -  Go for Burlesque

Feeling Classy - Go for Charleston

Feeling Silly - Go for 80's or 90's

We have a Dance Hen Party to suit every personality.

So do not delay as the last few spaces for the end of the year are getting booked up fast.

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Friday, 6 November 2015


It is November, Halloween and Bonfire Night have gone and now its the run up to Christmas.  EEEK Only 49 days to get there.
So I am sure you are all looking at things do to do with your colleagues for a Christmas Party... Why don't you have a Dance Hen Party.

Here at Bijoux HQ we do not just accommodate Hen Parties, but we can provide a Dance Hen Party for corporate events, Birthday parties, etc.

So now you have to choose which Dance Hen Party you would like, we have a large range of different themes from Dirty Dancing to Swing to Sexy Sailor or even have a Beyonce themed Single Ladies. 

Which ever dance hen party you choose, I can guarantee lots of laughs and fun to be had.

We are also running a special offer for all dance hen parties booked for the rest of the year.  Book your party for either November or December and receive 10% off your booking - just mention "moneyoff" on your enquiry.