Friday, 24 February 2017

Dance Hen Parties

Dance Hen Parties

Burlesque Hen Party 

Think frilly knickers and nipple tassels, its saucy, sassy and sophisticated. A burlesque hen party is for sexy and glamorous ladies of all shapes, sizes and ages. This will definately get your hen party laughing, giggling and most of all bonding while you all shimmy and shake your way through the burlesque hen party. 

Charleston Hen Party 

Relive the Roaring Twenties with a Charleston Hen Party. Your Hen group will turn into instant flapper girls and be performing the speak easy and happy feet in no time. 

Hula Hoop Hen Party 

Go back to your childhood during a Hula Hoop Hen Party. Your hens will be in childlike fits of giggles as you learn to spin the hoop and further moves and tricks. Using an adult sized Hula Hoops work your core, arms and legs without even realising. 

Sexy Sailor Hen Party 

Ai Ai Sailor, dress as a saucy sailor and learn a fabulously fun and flirty routine. Get your sailor hats at the ready and salute your saucy hen. 

Cheerleading Hen Party 

Give Me a H, Give Me an E, Give Me a N and What Do You Have? A Cheerleading Dance Hen Party. Get your Pom Poms at the ready and cheer your night away. 

Pole Dance Hen Party 

A Pole Dance Hen Party is bound to have your group in fits of giggles and feeling ultra sexy ready for your night out. Your tutor will teach you the basics and then you will all progress at your own levels, who knew firemen were having so much fun with their poles! 

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3 Things To Remember When Planning Hen Parties

3 Things To Remember When Planning Hen Parties

Less is more

There is nothing worse than a hen party that is run like an army exercise. No one likes a Sargent Major hen planner so keep your hen party simple. So try not to plan 10 million things to do in one day, keep it simple by booking  1 or 2 activites, like a dance party 

Do not try to please everyone

Try to be like the blokes and do not take the hen party too seriously, be laid back. Remember the hen party is for the hen not the 15 other guests, so listen to their requests BUT always take into account the hen. Try not to worry about pleasing everyone, that is an impossible task. Please one person only - THE HEN

Be less controlling

Going back to - No one likes a Sargent Major hen planner, try not to micro manage the hen weekend. If a couple of girls what to do their own thing let them, If your on a night out and some girls want to go to different clubs, let them. Your hen group is not joined at the hip and tensions will be lessen by giving the group space to do what they want. As long as the group are together for activities like dance party  or hair and make hen party then that is all that matters :)

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Thursday, 23 February 2017

International Womens Day!!

Here at Bijoux Hen Parties Ltd, love to celebrate International Womens day, which is on the 8th March this year, so please keep an eye out for amazing offers and giveaways on this day!!

But we are company set up by women and for you lovely ladies too!

So to keep up the celebration, we have opened some more spaces for our fully booked month of March and we are offering any dance hen party booked on the following dates will receive an amazing 10% off their dance hen party

Saturday 4th March - 6 spaces left
Saturday 11th March - 4 spaces left
Saturday 18th March - 2 spaces left
Saturday 25th March - 6 spaces left

As you can see limited space available, so secure your booking 


So release the inner secy Goddess with a Burlesque dance party, or even an Indian princess with the Bollywood Dance Hen Party.  

Or go back to the 1920s when Women starting to show the men how we do it and become a flapper girl and have a Charleston Dance Hen Party and mix it up with a vintage makeover too!!

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Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Free Event In London!

Here at Bijoux Hen Party Ltd, we love to support a charity or 2. And our wonderful teacher Sapphira has arranged this amazing FREE event in London to raise money the Charity SANE UK which helps people overcome Mental Illness and provides services to do this.. which is a charity quite close to my heart too! 

WHAT: Free Charity Burlesque Class & World Record Attempt
WHEN: Sat 11th March, 1pm - 3pm
WHERE: Juju's Bar & Stage, Ely's Yard, 15 Hanbury St, London, E1 6QR

One of the SANE members and blog writers, Sapphira invites you to celebrate International Women's Day and #BeBoldForChange

Register Online Here

- Free Burlesque Class
- Props Provided – Learn to Peel a Glove!
- Celebrate International Women’s Day and #BeBoldForChange
- Be in our #BeBoldForChange photo for social media
- Poetry reading – Our Sisters
- Pop a balloon and set a New World Record 'Most Balloons Popped on A Burlesque Costume' (option to have your name listed on the World Record page once successful)
- Raising funds for SANE UK
- Tributing our female role models, Dame Stephanie Shirley and Jo King

Please note, costumes are not compulsory but dress up if you feel inspired! It is also fine to just observe and enjoy watching the class and the balloon popping – participation is not mandatory.

Want to donate but can't attend? Donate here:

Find the event on Facebook:

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Friday, 10 February 2017


Typo Hen Party

We have all made them, the typo in a hastily written email but I bet you never invited someone to your hen party because of a typo.  Charly Meechan has!

Let me explain Charly has a friend called Daniel Dudek he lives in Poland, when arranging the hen weekend the group sent out an email to what they thought was his email address.

Turns out that for 10 years, yes 10 years, Charly has been emailing the wrong Daniel. The Daniel that recieved her emails was actually Daniel Dudek in Sweden. For 10 years, yes 10 years, Swedish Daniel has been forwarding the emails to Polish Daniel - kinda nice of him don't you think.

Anyway this email mistake finally came to light after 10 years, yes 10 years,so Charly emailed Swedish Daniel to thank him for this act and also invited him to the hen party - kinda nice don't you think.

Swedish Daniel said yes! So Charley and Daniel Dudek from Poland and Daniel Dudek from Sweden all had a fantastic Burlesque themed hen party in Dublin.

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Saturday, 4 February 2017

5 Things Bound To Happen On A Hen Party

5 Things Bound To Happen On A Hen Party

1. Preparation

Ladies we like to plan and plan and plan and plan. This hen weekend has been discussed for well over 1 year and every single element has been discussed, argued and then agreed.  There is nothing more to discuss or prepare now its time to party!

2. Elation

OMG is it finally happening, it this weekend and we have all made it. Time for a drink.

3. Inebriation

It is not a hen party without a few drinks, maybe Champagne or prosecco or cocktails or g&t or vodka and coke or beer or I know "shots"

4. The things we remember

The male stripper has been booked, he is on time, he has arrived and it is effen hilarious. Roll on silly hen party games.

5. Regret

Oh dear lord my head, where am I, wheres my phone, -check facebook.
NNnoooonnnnooooooooooooooooooo what the hell is that, what the hell was I doing, OMG look at Sarah ha ha ha ha ha . Sh*t me again untag untag untag!!

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Thursday, 2 February 2017

Lets step into a Bollywood Movie

Here at Bijoux Hen Parties Ltd, we have already noticed that Bollywood Theme Dance Hen Parties are pushing Burlesque & Charleston off the top spot with the most popular themes this year.

I love Bollywood personally because it very fun and energetic and a great theme for a hen party. Get everyone dressed up in Saris, a few cocktails before, and end with a beautiful meal at an Indian Restaurant sounds like my perfect party.

So with the hen season starting off with a bang, we have sold already 50% of places for the Bollywood Dance Hen Party, however due to the popularity, we have managed to open some more for you.

Learn the "Bollywood Roll", "Turn the Lightbulb on" and the "Limp Step" so you can carry on your moves throughout the night, or even flashbomb the Wedding!!

So whether its London, Edinburgh, Newcastle or Any of our other Cities, please get in contact today to book your Bollywood Dance Hen Party.

Remember there is a great 5% discount and a free bottle of bubbly for any bookings for February 2017. Please Quote "FebBubbles"

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