Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Scrap the Hen Party and have a Divorce Party or Both!!!

So after reading an article in the Daily Mirror today that the UK have adopted a ceremony for Divorces I thought why not Bijoux should jump on this idea.

These Divorce Parties are getting more and more popular, stemming from the traditional burning your wedding photographs to a 3 day bender :)

It isn't just a celebration but marking the end of an era and getting closure of that part of your life and starting a fresh.

So why not you and your girly friends decide to have a Burlesque Dance Hen Party to reveal the sexiness back into your life and to restart the next chapter of your life.

Dig out those fishnet stockings from the bottom of the draw and go buy your self a sexy new corset and remind your self your a sexy minx and shimmy your way into town for one our fantastic teachers teach you the saucy moves of Burlesque.

So I am going to run a special offer to honour divorce parties: If you are a returning customer and want to book a party then you will receive 10% off your final booking cost.

To book your party in or for more information, please contact 01509 357751

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