Friday, 13 November 2015

Our Amazing Feedback from the last few months

Here at Bijoux HQ we want to make sure that every single second of your hen party goes smoothly and you have the time of your life so we really appreciate the feedback we get good or bad so we can make this happen for you.

So please see below our latest feedback:

Amy - Manchester: Burlesque Hen Party
"Our teacher was incredibly fantastic, friendly and encouraging! We all loved the video of us as well!, It was great fun and a wonderful way to start my hen party!"

Charlee - London - Burlesque Hen Party
"The teacher was brilliant. She worked with us well (even some of us that were nervous/struggled to do it). She was really enthusiastic and made us feel great by the end. Would highly recommend it to anyone. "

Betty - Bristol - Charleston Hen Party & Time for Tea
"Our dance teacher was so lovely! She made us all feel relaxed, welcome and made the whole event so much fun. The tea party was also hosted really well. We loved the tea party. Loads of delicious food - too much to finish! Scrum my cakes and sandwiches! "

Angela - Manchester - Charleston Hen Party
"Our Teacher was really nice. Great at explaining the moves and encouraged us all. Thanks to everyone at bijoux for their help with organising the class, it went down really well with the hens"

Sophia - Manchester - Burlesque Hen Party
"The teacher was amazing and so active considering she was pregnant but she super warm and friendly and a real laugh. Thank you for a lovely occasion and such professional service. "

I love getting some good feedback and even more so that all these lovely ladies enjoyed there Parties so much.

If you would like to book your dance hen party or any of our Vintage services then please get in touch today.

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