Friday, 21 December 2012

New Dance Hen Party

NEW for 2013

Bijoux Burlesque are offering 8 fantastic new Dance Hen Party packages for  2013. Just £23 per person and the hen goes free for groups of 11 or over! To book call 0845 8050869.

Eighties Dance Hen Party 

We all loved the 80's right? Remember dancing to Tiffany, The Material Girl and Kylie back in the day, with a 80's dance hen party you can remember a more innocent time, when the shoulder pads were long and the hair was high! So ladies its time to get that hairspray out of the cupboard and backcomb, backcomb, backcomb!

The 90s were a fantastic time, with some great music and it was of course the birth of RAVE. So on your 90s Dance Hen Party get your white gloves, glow sticks and whistles at the ready girls, its raving time!

Come girls admit it, you have lost count how many times you have watched Dirty Dancing and you can almost recount every word. Become Baby on your Dirty Dancing Hen Party and learn a sensual and beautiful dance routine to some of the fantastic songs from the film. Remember nobody puts baby in the corner!

Recreate the glamour, sophistication, vibrancy and excitement of Bollywood with a Bollywood Dance Hen Party Shake your hips, raise your shoulders, twirl your wrists as your perform your spectacular Bollywood routine to the music from a hit Bollywood Blockbuster.

Single Ladies Dance Hen Party 

Emulate Beyonce and learn the fabulous and bootylicious dance routine to the song "All the Single Ladies." Ladies we know the hen is no longer a single lady, but that doesn't mean she cannot pretend for a little while during the Single Ladies Dance Hen Party. So leotards and heels at the ready ladies, you will all look as sexy as Beyonce.

Learn the iconic Micheal Jackson hit Thriller. Ladies you can emulate the King of Pop and perform this exciting fun routine during your Thriller Dance Hen Party. Why not dress as zombies to finish off the party in style.

We know we do not normally like revealing our stomach area, unless of course you have a stomach like Jessica Ennis, but a Belly Dance Hen Party is the time to be proud of our womanly stomach and curves. Learn this Eastern spectacular dance with a qualified dance instructor and shake your hips and gyrate your stomach to these hypnotic beats. 

Salsa is a sexy, sensual, saucy and beautiful dance, guaranteed to get you hot and bothered. Get your hips snaking, your feet moving and your shimmy shaking with a Bijoux Burlesque Salsa High Energy Dance Hen Party.

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Thursday, 20 December 2012

Mansfield Ladies Raise Money for Help for Heroes

Our Mansfield Burlesque Belles have recently put on a fabulous charity burlesque show in aid of Help for Heroes, £80 winging its way there now!. They put on a great show and of course it could not have been done with the hard work of Lady S Penser aka Harriett.