Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Its all about 1920's style

So I was watching my new obsession last night Vampire Diaries and in Season 2 they have this amazing flash back scene back to the 1920s scene to show that Stefan knew Klaus all along.  And in the present day they had a decades dance in the theme of 1920s.  And OMG didn't everyone look fantastic.

So back in time in Glorias bar everyone was taking part to the fast paced Charleston Dance which looks so much fun, makes me want to organise a dance class for myself.  In fact, I think everyone must have been watching this or the Great Gatsby as all our parties this weekend are Charleston dance hen parties.

Not only did the dance look fantastic, so did everyone else.  The Hair, The Makeup was all so glamorous.

So why don't you pop on your flapper dresses and those feather head bands and let Bijoux Hen Parties organise a  Charleston Dance for your birthday/hen party/corporate event.  Not only can we teach you the fantastic dance but we can make you look fabulous with our Powder & Pincurl Makeover Packages.

So sit back relax, give us a call 01509 357751 and let us plan your perfect 1920's event for you all for reasonable competitive prices.

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