Wednesday, 20 November 2013

History of the Hen Party

Although the Stag Party tradition goes back for centuries the hen night is a much more recent invention. Starting during the sexual revolution of the sixities the hen night mainly consisted of a meal with close friends and it was not until the 80s/90s that the tradition really became popular and oh how times have changed!

Now the tradition of the Hen Party and Stag Party is thankfully equal and each gender places the same amount of preparation and focus on their last night - weekend - week - two weeks of freedom.

The modern Hen Party ranges from sophisticated cocktail making to the saucy burlesque hen party. The style of hen party depends on the style of the hen, she can choose from vintage photo shoots to hula hoop hen parties, stay in the UK or head over to Europe for a sun filled weekend, the decision is hers!

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