Saturday, 4 February 2017

5 Things Bound To Happen On A Hen Party

5 Things Bound To Happen On A Hen Party

1. Preparation

Ladies we like to plan and plan and plan and plan. This hen weekend has been discussed for well over 1 year and every single element has been discussed, argued and then agreed.  There is nothing more to discuss or prepare now its time to party!

2. Elation

OMG is it finally happening, it this weekend and we have all made it. Time for a drink.

3. Inebriation

It is not a hen party without a few drinks, maybe Champagne or prosecco or cocktails or g&t or vodka and coke or beer or I know "shots"

4. The things we remember

The male stripper has been booked, he is on time, he has arrived and it is effen hilarious. Roll on silly hen party games.

5. Regret

Oh dear lord my head, where am I, wheres my phone, -check facebook.
NNnoooonnnnooooooooooooooooooo what the hell is that, what the hell was I doing, OMG look at Sarah ha ha ha ha ha . Sh*t me again untag untag untag!!

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