Friday, 19 June 2015

Summers Here!!

Summers Here and the sun is shining.  Remember the old days of famous street parties for the Queen Jubilee or just a nice get together and you are wondering what to do to celebrate your last night as a single lady.  What about a Vintage Tea Party, in your favourite park or as the beginning of a Garden Party.

If that is not your scene and you are looking for something a bit more energetic, dig out those grass skirts, coconut bras and shake your hips to our Hawaii Hula Dance Party.  Our professional dance teacher will teach you the moves and not only will you be having good fun but you will burning off some of those calories that I am sure you will intake after :)

Bijoux Hen Parties can deliver a fantastic party in most major cities for a fantastic affordable price.
Why don't you have a little trip to our website at all the different parties which we offer and drop us a quick email with what you are looking for and one our fantastic team will get back to you straight away with all the best ideas.

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