Friday, 3 April 2015

Easter Eggs and stuffing your face with chocolate!

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So Easter is fast approaching and, whether it be hot cross buns or Easter eggs, that generally means extra food.

A great way to burn off those extra calories is dancing - salsa hen party, samba hen party, even hula hooping, is a fun way to do just that. Of course, any dancing will burn the calories, so if the Charleston hen party, Bollywood-style dancing, a bit of swing or boogie along to Thriller rock your boat, Bijoux Hen Parties can arrange all of these activities, all around the country.

Maybe a friend has plucked up the courage to pop the question over the Easter break, or received the proposal they've been dreaming of. So it will be down to you to organise their hen party! Bijoux Hen Parties offer a wide variety of party options to choose from, ranging from 1980s-themed parties, to cheerleading, to belly dancing!

But don't worry that your guests won't be able to keep up, as all our parties provide a dance teacher who will slowly show you all the moves and get you all up to speed! By the end of the party, you'll all be dance professionals and able to strut your funky stuff across the room!

You can show off the photos of all your fun to your family and friends after the party too! Whichever theme you decide to go for, you can take a look at our website at or give us a call on 01509357751 to find out more.

 But here at Bijoux Hen Parties, we'd just like to wish everyone across the country a very happy Easter and a (fingers crossed!) sunny spring to come!

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