Thursday, 13 September 2012

Nottingham Hen Party Destination

Nottingham Popular Hen Party Destination

Bijoux Burlesque think that Nottingham is a Fantastic Hen Party destination, but then we are a little biased as Bijoux Burlesque was born in Nottingham. 

Located in the central England Nottingham is a very popular destination for  stag and hen parties. Famous of Robin Hood you can visit Nottingham Castle and pretend to be Maid Marian.

Shopping is very good in Nottingham, check out the chain stores in either the Victoria Centre or Broad Marsh. Hockley just located 5 mins from the centre of Nottingham are where the small boutique shops are located, they are quirky and well priced. 

Nottinghams night life is very famous and the myth that there are 7 ladies to every man is still very popular, probably why the city is popular with stag parties. Nottingham has chain bars such as revolution and reflex bars, which are great for having a laugh with all your girlies.  Hockley is where all the sophisticated cocktail bars are located and is where the cool and trendy of Nottingham hang out. The Corner House is a purpose built complex that holds restaurants, bars, a casino and a cinema, it is sophisticated and must see for hen parties.

Nottingham boasts many nightclubs, choose from Oceana and Ocean both playing commercial music, if you are looking for something a little more trendy try the Rescue Rooms and for Live music, of course, there  is the world famous Rock City.

Hen Party Activities 

Nottingham Burlesque Hen Party  

This will definately get your hen party laughing, giggling and most of all bonding while you all shimmy and shake your way through the Nottingham Burlesque hen party. 

Nottingham Charleston Hen Party

Relive the Roaring Twenties with a Nottingham Charleston Hen Party. Your Hen group will turn into instant flapper girls and be performing the speak easy and happy feet in no time. 

Hula Hoop Hen Party Nottingham 

Go back to your childhood during a Nottingham Hula Hoop Hen Party. Your hens will be in childlike fits of giggles as you learn to spin the hoop and further moves and tricks. Using an adult sized Hula Hoops work your core, arms and legs without even realising. 

Nottingham Sexy Sailor Hen Party 

 Get your sailor hats at the ready and salute your saucy hen on your Nottingham Sexy Sailor Hen Party.

Nottingham Cheer leading Hen Party 

Give Me a H, Give Me an E, Give Me a N and What Do You Have? On your  Nottingham Cheer Leading Dance Hen Party get your Pom Poms at the ready and cheer your night away. 

Nottingham Pole Dance Hen Party 

Nottingham Pole Dance Hen Party is bound to have your group in fits of giggles and feeling ultra sexy ready for your night out. Your tutor will teach you the basics and then you will all progress at your own levels, who knew firemen were having so much fun with their poles! 

Vintage Hen Party Nottingham

Why not join Bijoux Burlesque for your Vintage Inspired Hen Party with a Nottingham Vintage Hair and Makeup Tutorial for all your Hens.

Nottingham Vintage Pin Up Photoshoot Hen Party 

Turn your Nottingham Hen Party into Pin Ups With Bijoux Burlesque. Enjoy a day of pampering, within a supportive, body positive environment.

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